Does a Bulb Light Zapper Really Benefit Mosquitoes?

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  • Does a Bulb Light Zapper Really Benefit Mosquitoes?
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    Ahhh Summer! When you live someplace as Cedar Rapids, IA, where the snow piles high throughout winter months (at that time you daydream about any time period but winter), you should make best Bug zappers use of the weeks when you can expand the living room of yours beyond the exterior walls of yours.
    If you’ve difficulties with mosquitoes, that could prove extremely tough. I’ve found myself outside on stunning summer nights, citronella plume wafting approximately (not I love the smell), determined to take in the out-of-doors, but later on exclaiming “Oh Forget It!”. After which I would gather up the belongings of mine, any visitors, and snacks (or whatever), and head back inside. At some point, in case you cannot toss out the insects that are trying to make dinner from you, a good deck party just becomes an endurance of misery, and obviously not worthwhile.
    To stay away from wasting money plus more summertime fun, I explored items to help one help solve their backyard mosquitoes. I found out a couple of things I’d like to pass along.
    I am sure you understand one can find about a bazillion various types of mosquitoes out there, and also that they’re capable to spread diseases like West Nile Virus, EEE, Malaria, at the same time laying on some very awful bites and typically annoying the doodie out of us.
    But for those people in the United States, it kind of breaks down to there being the generic mosquito as well as the Asian tiger mosquito. (I’ll inform you more about that differentiation in only a little bit).
    Mosquitoes are drawn to us humans because of the release of co2 from our breath, the lactic acid in our sweat, so the heat we set off. They’re not interested in bug lights, black or white, thus bug zappers single-handedly will simply include a hit on many mosquitoes which, by misfortune, have taken that path.
    But when you are using the lure Octenol (a compound contained in human breath and sweat that attracts biting insects particularly most mosquito species) in combo with the bulb light zapper of yours, you can target, conquer and reclaim the real estate of yours.
    Why must you care what type of mosquito is bothering you? The Asian tiger mosquito is better drawn to a lure known as Lurex, which is a specially formulated attractant made of natural compounds which mimic human sweat. Lurex was created especially to concentrate on Asian tiger mosquitoes. In studies conducted, Lurex out-performed Octenol in the eradication of nearly three times the amount of Asian tiger mosquitoes.

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