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    Yearly, new so-called mosquito-repellent solutions show up on the market. All have similarities & variations, the similarity being that all of them are being purchased in huge amounts by consumers. The distinction is that some work and some don’t.
    The fact is the fact that there is little regulation, and manufacturers seem to get away with claiming whatever they fancy, at least so long as nobody’s filing complaints. It is not really that hard, of course – everybody hates mosquito chews a great deal that almost all folks are willing to give it a go and spend another $15 on still another magical repellent solution that just might complete job. If you imagine a whole new device which enables it to craft a good story that explains the reason it should repel mosquitoes, you’re evidently on the quick lane to wealth – people will just begin purchasing the product of yours. It is a bit like alternative healing methods – majority of people do not truly think that they perform, but when you are other and ill really methods don’t help, why not give it a shot? The potential benefit is just so much bigger compared to the cost. But in the end, many people don’t get cured, and nearly all new mosquito repellent products end up at the rear of a drawer.
    What have we observed in previous years? Synthetic lotions (DEET works, for sure), ultrasonic products (don’t work), amber lighting to “scare them away” (don’t work – mosquitoes don’t experience yellow), ultraviolet bug zapper (Our Web Page) zappers (attract flies however, not mosquitoes), vaporizers or mosquito coils (do work, indoors, but they are not very healthy), citronella candles, and so on. Thirty years after the physical appearance of those useless ultrasonic products, new variants are still being released on the market – and purchased by customers, otherwise no one will continue launching them, correct?
    Do we need to have regulation and specialized testing, comparisons and certification for every new mosquito-repellent technique appearing on the market? Probably not – but it will be good if consumers started collecting more structured feedback on their effectiveness. At least I’d be happy to collect and organize any feedback you provide. And if you’re planning on purchasing that brand new promising mosquito-repellent device, do not believe just any case – ask for money-back guarantees and proof.

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