Social Robotic Bees to avoid Killer Bee Attacks on Cities

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  • Social Robotic Bees to avoid Killer Bee Attacks on Cities
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    We need to design small robotic bees, which will mimic real insect bees. When we do this particular bee keepers are able to help get rid of killer bee populations from city dwelling where they can attack individuals. Even though some would say this is far fetched, we’re not too far off in understanding the bee population or perhaps their queen bee migrations. By developing tiny insect as Queen Bees that the bees will comply with we can assist divide hives and steer bees into areas where they are able to assist us with the crop yields of ours without killing children that are little , animals and even adults.
    African Killer Bees have migrated and are now in numerous western states and they have introduced themselves into the American Honey Bee populations which are generally non aggressive. There have been quite a few attacks in Arizona, Texas, New Mexico and California. It’s not unusual for them to swarm upon a small pet or even human being when agitated.

    A little corner swarm of social robotic bees may change the behavior bug light bulbs of these bee populations or perhaps aid us divide them or move them to agricultural areas where we can co exist. They help us pollinate and carry on and improve the crop yields of ours by as much as 40-60 % as well as we let them dwell in peace and make honey and grow.

    5 years agoA small honeybee robot is going to be ready to coax a hive to swarm far from middle class neighborhoods, playgrounds and clubs to a more appropriate area in which they are able to develop as well as assist development of agricultural products as well as vegetation. We need to work together; the bees and us. We are almost there together with the technology we need making this all a reality, we have been studying honey bees for a huge number of years and they’ve one heck of an evolutionary track record; some say 400 million years. They can teach us a lot and we can live in peace with no killer bee attacks, just because you wore something yellow in the wrong place at the wrong time. Think on this.

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