The Flat Belly Diet – Does it Work and also What in the earth is a MUFA?

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  • The Flat Belly Diet - Does it Work and also What in the earth is a MUFA?
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    I am sure you have noticed it…the brilliant yellow book jacket which proclaims, “The Flat Belly Diet is about Attitude and Food. Period. (Not one Crunch Required)” The covering really is an attention grabber, but is it operational? Is it feasible that specific foods are able to target belly fat?
    The authors think it is completely possible to clear out belly fat…”Belly fat is not your destiny. I’m delighted to tell you that you are able to, and you’ll, cure it.”
    The Flat Belly Diet was composed by Prevention Magazine’s vice president and ikaria juice recipe editor-in-chief, Liz Vaccariello and Prevention’s nutrition director, Cynthia Sass. Offered as proof, and strategically placed across the book, the authors have shined the spotlight on eight weight loss participants that have done a fantastic job shedding belly fat. The stories of theirs are fascinating to read and incredibly inspirational.
    The diet is one of calorie restriction and there are only 3 easy rules to follow to achieve success.
    #1 Eat 1600 calories a day…4 meals (400 calories each)

    1 day ago#2 Never go more than four hours without eating
    #3 Consume a MUFA with each meal.
    What in the planet is a MUFA?
    What in the planet is a MUFA?

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