UAV Micro Mechanical Enemy Swarm Zapper

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  • UAV Micro Mechanical Enemy Swarm Zapper
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    Will we make an unmanned aerial vehicle to fly right into a swarm of bugs to zap them? Effectively let’s say that insect swarm just isn’t actually all-natural but tiny little robotic micro-mechanical flying devices with intense charges or maybe even bio logical lethal or non-lethal weapons? Scared still? Healthy you should be because the new high-tech modern battlespace is going to be nothing like it’s today? As well as if you’re a brigade of troops you’re like a sitting duck for robotic swarming solutions? Just how can you fight them off? Effectively here is an idea;
    An unmanned aerial vehicle interceptor is sent into the swarm which functions like an organic bat, that might eat as many as thousand Bug Zapper Outdoor insects per hour. Making use of these strategies its hardly any on board artificial intelligent computer system plots the most perfect course to get all of the little micro-mechanic devices or organic insects, whichever they are? We can’t know in the future if the enemy will use organic insects controlling them to serve their will or rather design, make, manufacture and launch micro-mechanical robotic insects to do the dirty work of his.
    If micro-mechanical devices we can use a couple strategies that are various? Employ NASA Aerogel to snare them in a net, fly much and vacuum them up or drop chafe which can be eventually hit with a laser or even triggered by a pulse tool on the UAV to fry all of the electronic devices immediately. We have to consider throughout the choosing of strategies if we wish the small products for our own use later to recycle robotic parts or if we do not require them. We must also determine if the enemy is by using natural weapons on tiny stingers on these products in which case a one-way suicide individual mission UAV with a pulse detonation product would be much better suited. Never the less this will be one strategy we have to fill out incoming swarms of micro-mechanical weapons. So, look into this in 2006.

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