Your Most Valuable Employee – Your brand new Email Marketing Manager

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  • Your Most Valuable Employee - Your brand new Email Marketing Manager
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    Gentlemen and “ladies, I would love to introduce you to our new Marketing Manager – Mr. Otto Rezponde. He’s really passionate about promoting our products to the clients of ours. We just need to provide him with our revenue copy and buy information and he visits work.
    He’s on duty 24/7 and has a worldwide reach. He’s tireless in the marketing efforts of his. He’ll send prospects a sequence of messages timed to perfection, every one created to build the trust of theirs in us. He can provide beautiful templates thus our email messages stick out from the remaining, then (very importantly) track which emails are getting read as well as clicked on. Mr Responde will provide us with reports on the way all our campaigns are doing.
    Because of the good standing of his together with the telecommunications industry, we can be positive that our emails are delivered and won’t be blocked. He does not require a whole lot of interest (or maybe desk space), has an excellent disposition and very best of all – he is really affordable! I better not be carried out and also disclose how much we pay him – but why don’t we just point out that the entertainment allowance of mine is more expensive compared to that… Thus, let’s welcome our wonderful new addition to our marketing team!”
    Now, you all knew I was pulling your leg which was a fictional story, although capabilities of “Mr.Otto Rezponde” is genuine. Should you have not guessed by now, I’m pertaining to the Autoresponder – your best investment for the email advertising efforts of yours. Any serious Internet Marketer is going to have his favourite sequential autoresponder program. Properly setup, this particular autoresponder is going to work for you round the clock, no matter where you are or possibly what your working several hours are. A great service is going to provide you with features like HTML templates, click-through and open reports, deliverability guarantees. Some even have training videos and free support to get you running.
    How can you use them exactly? Well, let’s say the company of yours has some services or products to sell via your website. A visitor arrives but is uncertain in case she is prepared to pay for just yet. After that , she spots a strategically placed subscription form that offers a totally free 3-day email system (or maybe report) for that service or product with no obligations. So she cautiously enters the first name of her and email (you definitely need to have privacy policies to cover her information) as well as in faster than you can say “Otto Rezponde” she receives the first email of her customized with her first name – “Dear Rosalind, thank you for requiring information about the mosquito bug zapper light bulb” of ours.

    You will need to be creative in setting up the following two emails and if you’ve done your marketing homework properly, you need to have Rose there as a buyer since you have:

    Developed trust between her and your company

    Established yourself as an authority in your field

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